Version 1.0Edit

The Basic Foundation of the Entire game of Miner of Duty along with it's Game modes and Basic Programming. However it's not a very strong Update since it has a hard time preventing Crashes in the game. These Crashes Instantly Delete Custom maps during editing and also Force gamers to the Dashboard, But for now it's manageable and their player's Rank, Character and Classes are unaffected even during a Crash.

Version 1.1Edit

Version 1.1 was Released in July 24th in a Response to numerous Crashes and losses of custom maps in Miner of Duty as well as Mid-game crashes in Multiplayer. New Features such as a added weapon Spawner (Excluding special weapons and grenades eg.) it reduced the chances of Crashes by a small percentage but it will still occur uncommonly in some games as well as giving players the ability to Have a 4-letter clan tag.

Version 1.2Edit

Version 1.2 is a new update that promises more bug/crash fixes along with the ability to give or restrict edit permissions when hosting a create map. It also makes it to where if the enemy team leaves the other team will win instead of them waiting for the timer to go down. Players can even host their maps with various gamemodes except for one problem that the Multiplayer swarm has been cut from the update due to difficulties.

Version 1.3Edit

A new update that will add more algorithms to caves and around the map as well as stats for weapons and seeing K/D ratios for other players.

Version 1.4Edit

The new update added a new gamemode called King of the beach which works similar to the classic game mode king of the hill, it also did some bug fixes along with adding water.