In miner of duty there is five different game modes.

Swarm modeEdit

In swarm mode it is you versus zombies in two minute rounds to defend 15 gold blocks. In order to survive the round you must have at least one gold block left as the round ends. In the middle of rounds you get a one minute intermission to use the shop where you can buy iteams and weapons. It is currently multiplayer, however you must make a custom Swarm map in order to play with friends. Swarm

Team death matchEdit

In this game mode you can play up to 8 players and have two teams. The teams fight and the team with the most points win. In this game each kill is worth 100 points no matter what. The game does the teams by chosing every other playing in the lobby. Example:

Player 1

player 2

player 3

player 4

Player 1 and 3 would be on the same team. 2 and 4 would also be on the same team.

Free for allEdit

In free for all you have to fight for your self. The game is to reach 3,000 points. Each kill can be worth a different amout of points. A kill alone is worth 100 then a revenge is worth 50 and a head shot is also worth 50 so you can have a kill worth 100-200.

Fort warsEdit

In this game mode there is 2 teams that play each other. There is a five minute break before the game starts so that you can build a fort. You can not kill anyone during this time. The teams are chosen like in team death match

Search and mineEdit

In this game the points are to best of 3. You get a point by winning a round. Each round is 6 minutes or untill all the gold blocks are mined. This game has two teams and are chosen like in team death match. One team is chosen to be mining and defending. Gold blocks are placed around the map and one team has to defend them for 6 minutes and one team has 6 minutes to mine them.

King of the BeachEdit

King of the Beach is a game mode that was added in Miner of Duty Version 1.3. It works like free-for-all except that there is an island in the center of the map. When one player is on the island, they become "king" of the island and recieve points occasionally that are added to the game score. However, when two or more people are on the island, no one is crowned "king" and no points are given to anyone on the island unless they kill each other or get off the island until only one remains. The person who is "king" the longest wins the game.

Kills are scored as in free-for-all, however the kills only give you XP, so getting kills won't count towards winning.